We are a full cycle Professional Bookkeeping firm located in the heart of Edmonton.

Are you ready for your 2017 taxes? If not, we are ready to help!

Why Precision

Are you having a hard time finding a competent bookkeeper?

PPS employs professionally trained associates to handle all situations and transactions. Once everything is finalized, your bookkeeping is reviewed by a Chartered Professional Accountant and a package is prepared for your Accountant for the year-end and tax preparation.

Are you having a hard time keeping up with the books?

PPS is always available to serve you at your office or in our downtown office location. From our office, we can conveniently connect with your employees to train and assist your team with software such as Quickbooks and Sage. As your company grows, we can allocate more resources to your company.

Do you feel like you're not getting any valuable information from your financial statements?

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your activities. We will directly contribute to your bottom line and identify that 20% to help you make better business decisions. Contact us to learn more.


Precise and accurate bookkeeping provides a stable accounting foundation from which healthy business finances can be realized. We created PPS to fill the need for bookkeeping regulated or managed by CPAs.

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Our Vision: To Provide Professional Bookkeeping Completed with Precision






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The following resources are available to aid you in improving your bookkeeping.

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Are you records ready for your Accountant? We offer full cycle bookkeeping to help you prepare your year-end. Drop us a note.